Woodstock 94

Woodstock means more than a rock n' roll concert; it is a state of mind that is not confined by the boundaries of a field, or typified by a musical genre, or locked into any particular period of time. While Woodstock '69 may have come to define a generation in the minds of some, it represented a longing in the hearts of people to connect with one another by sharing an experience where anything was possible. 

What was created in 1969 was recreated, in essence and in spirit, 25 years later in 1994. As festivals, Woodstock '69 and Woodstock '94 each gave voice to the distinct historical frameworks in which they were set. Drawn together by music, moved by the faces of so many, assembled and exhilarated by the temporary discomforts of rain and mud, the vast crowd celebrated and then left with a sense of wholeness and unity that is inherent in the legend which has come to be known as “Woodstock”.

Published in the US by Callaway/Polygram

Co-editions: Italy, Japan

7 H x 9 H inches

225 pages (with a 5-panel fold-out)