The Ugly Duckling

Hans Christian Andersen, Author

Henri Galeron, Illustrator



For two hundred years, Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling has been a childhood favorite all over the world. In this edition, Henri Galeron brings his spectacular adaptation to new generations of readers.

Born bigger and different than the other hatchlings, the ugly duckling is ridiculed by his brothers and sisters, rejected by the other ducks, and eventually shunned by his own mother. The little bird leaves his home, embarking on a brave journey through hecklers, hunters, and cruel seasons, only to discover that the beauty he was seeking was inside him all along.

A beautifully told and brilliantly illustrated edition of this classic, essential story to be treasured by children and parents alike.

CALLAWAY CLASSICS are newly illustrated, uniquely collectible editions of children’s classic tales. The format (17 x 14.5 inches) is oversized to convey the full power of the art and printed on the finest uncoated paper, heavyweight Mohawk Superfine, utilizing the latest digital prepress techniques and four-color offset lithography. Each copy is numbered with a limited print run. The books are hardbound, jacketed, and contained in a lavish deluxe collector's gift box. The Callaway Classics series is edited under the direction of Maria Tatar, Dean for the Humanities at Harvard University, who is one of the most authoritative and insightful writers on the history and meaning of fairy tales. 

Hardcover, 17 x 14.5 inches

32 pages