The Photographs of Robert McNeely, Introduction by Douglas Brinkley

From President Clinton’s official White House photographer, a remarkable visual diary that captured the complexity of the 42nd president and the inner workings of the White House.

 Robert McNeely, the official White House photographer from 1993 – 2000, traveled the world with the president and prowled the halls of the White House—a virtual fly-on-the-wall, documenting the day-to-day political and private lives of President Clinton and then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Because the president trusted McNeely’s vision completely and granted him full access, the photographs provided an astonishing behind-the-scenes look into the operations of the Oval Office and the inner sanctum of the presidency.

In dramatic detail, McNeely revealed intriguing glimpses of Clinton’s personal side—the president’s moods, his reactions to key moments and events, his political prowess, and his personal charisma. A close-up on the flawed but brilliant man behind the politician, this collection also captured Clinton’s relationships with Hillary and Chelsea, his staff, his public, world leaders, and the media. The Clinton Years is a unique portrait of the 42nd president and an education about his presidency.

Robert McNeely began his tenure with Bill Clinton in 1992, when Clinton asked him to cover his campaign. McNeely then became director of White House Photographic Services and an official White House photographer, a position he held until September 1998. His work has appeared in Time, The New York Times, Newsweek, People,Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Paris Match, and National Journal. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Douglas Brinkley is director of the Eisenhower Center for American Studies. His acclaimed books include American Heritage's History of the United States. The Unfinished Presidency, and The Magic Bus.

11 ³⁄₄ x 10 ³⁄₄

224 pages, 200 black-and-white photographs