“The ‘Martha Stewart Cookies’ app for the iPad, with a timer, shopping links and videos, is the kind of content that lets the tablet shine.” 
The New York Times

“The Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app is great.” 

“For fans of design, the [Martha Stewart] app might be worth it for the stunning visuals alone, but any baker . . . will want to do much more than just look at it.” 
The Washington Post


"[Makr is] the mobile design studio of your dreams" – Brit + Co.


On the Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app: “Slick photography and interesting recipes.”

“As we have said before of MSLO apps, this publisher understands the fundamental visual and tactile allure of the platform. The images are large, simple, detailed, and luscious.”


“Each page of this well-produced Angelina Ballerina app has stunning animation that is triggered by the tap of a finger, letting children bring their favorite characters to life in a way that is breathtaking within the otherwise still page.”
—Digital Storytime

On the Angelina Ballerina’s New Ballet Teacher app: “Beautiful graphics, interactive features and entertaining activities are rolled into one girly package.”


“For the most part, Callaway has struck not water, but gold, with his divining rod. The dozens of books he’s published over the years include O’Keeffe’s 100 Flowers, which has since because one of the most successful art books in history, and the photographer Irving Penn’s Passage. It took Callaway 10 years to coax Penn into putting out a book, but it was well worth the wait. Like the Stieglitz collection, the Penn book garnered a rave on the front page of The New York Times’ Book Review, as well as prizes, such as the prestigious Infinity Award for Book of the Year from the International Center for Photography.”  –Mohawk Magazin