The Jungle ABC is an extraordinary and intriguing introduction to the letters of the alphabet. Each letter is featured in a double-page spread with lavish cut-outs of animals in an African landscape. It's a surprising and unforgettable setting for learning ABCs. From antelope to zebra, Michael Roberts’ colorful, lively, and wonderfully graphic cut-out paper collages for The Jungle ABC are a feast for the eyes. Roberts, the former fashion director at The New Yorker magazine, has also been fashion editor at the London Sunday Times, design director of British Vogue, and Paris editor of Vanity Fair. His clever, vibrant, eye-catching images have been seen in magazines around the world. Roberts created all new images for this stunning book for all ages.It all started when...

"The jungle way by night and day is full of cries and amber eyes while Zulus prance in snake-like dance to grooves hypnotic quite exotic"--these words rhythmically dance down the title page and back cover of Michael Roberts' gorgeous, oversized, color-drenched alphabet book. Roberts, perhaps best known for the collage covers he has created for The New Yorker magazine, is also a photographer, filmmaker, and set designer. As an alphabet book, The Jungle ABC works like this: each letter is represented by a breathtaking African scene corresponding to that letter. For example, "A" is paired with a giant antelope head, artfully crafted from colored paper cutouts. If you can't tell the image is an antelope, you flip to the back of the book, where all 26 words are identified, from Antelope to Queen to Xylophones to Zebras. Children will learn about the African kraal, and perhaps what an impala looks like. In the foreword, world-famous model Iman writes about the mystery and power of the African jungle, and how "the tigress inspired my every step; the graceful, erect arch of the giraffe formed my posture." We almost forget this exhilarating visual explosion is an alphabet book, as Roberts effectively distracts us with the power and beauty of Africa. (All ages) "

"Dramatic, oversized double-page spreads feature a beige letter set on a black background on one side, on the other a colorful cut-paper collage of an animal or an object beginning with the letter."

"The alphabet in this sumptuously printed large-format book consists of collage illustrations of creatures, images and things loosely associated with the African jungle: antelope, elephant, fire, leopard, zebra.... those interested in pure design will find much to admire. "

"Exceptionally handsome . . . full of dash and verve, this picture book marks the exhilarating launch of a fresh venue for this talent."