With easy-to-understand text and illustrations, this was the first book to demystify and decode the official rules of golf.

Golf is the only sport in which players must regulate themselves; in normal play there are no referees watching every move. This does not, as every player knows, mean that there are no official rules. To the contrary, the United States Golf Association regulates the game with thirty-four rules that are legalistic in format, opaque in language, and quixotic in organization. Confusion abounds, but breaking a rule can still cause the loss of strokes or of a hole in competition. This book clarified and simplified the rules for all players—from beginners to club champions— using original illustration to illuminate all the key points. Focusing on common situations that occur during most rounds on most courses, Golf Rules Illustrated described major rules and explained how to apply them during play. Having mastered these rules, golfers can navigate friendly and competitive rounds alike with confidence and greater enjoyment. Also offered are tips on how to anticipate rules trouble, advice on how to diplomatically deal with rules infractions, and strategies for remembering key rules.

Scottie IV, a purebred Scottish terrier, is the latest member of a celebrated golfing family. His ancestors walked the great Scottish linksland courses and were present when the rules of the game were first formulated by The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers in 1744. Since his arrival in America, Scottie has encouraged humans to enjoy golf more by better understandin

5 x 8, 128 pages

40 color illustrations