First Americans as soon by EDWARD S. CURTIS

A selection of photographs of the Indian peoples of North America by Edward S. Curtis, reproduced with stunning quality and care. Callaway’s technical director, Richard Benson, devised a variety of unprecedented electronic prepress and printing techniques to transfer the tonal, textural, and chromatic qualities of the original flat-plate photogravures to the printed page. This book has been so well-received that it has spawned an entire mini-library of Curtis books on various themes, launched by Callaway in fall 1996.

1994 literary market place awards: best graphic design, technical innovation.

At the turn of the century, Curtis set out to photograph and document the tribal traditions of North American Indians – an enterprise that became a 25-year obsession. This collection of 125 of Curtis' finest photographs brilliantly capture tribal customs, costumes, and faces.

Christopher Cardozo, editor

US co-publisher: Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown

Co-edition: Germany

10 H x 13 I inches , 160 pages

*Native Nations Library (four miniature volumes): Chiefs & Warriors, Native Family, Hidden Faces, and Great Plains. Hardback with jacket, 1996, 6 ⁄/¢ x 4 1/2 inches,

US co-publisher: Bulfinch Press, 50

quadratone illustrations each.