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This imaginative adventure from David Kirk follows Miss Spider and her husband Holley as they set out on a car-buying expedition. There are indeed plenty of cool wheels on these pages, from buggies fashioned from a snail (“the Escargot”) to a grasshopper get-up (with “flexo-flea spring loaded legs”) to a rolling box of matches (a.k.a. a matchbox car, one of “Super Sid’s Flamin’ Values”). At Mantis Motors, a praying mantis named Mik is a used car sales-insect. Miss Spider and Holley explore other car lots (including Meg’s Wings n’ Things) and encounter a few near misses, but all ends well thanks to the help of benevolent Moth Sue.

Ages: 4 – 8 years

7” x 5”

32 pages


US$ 9.95

isbn: 978-0-935112-35-1