“Enlightenment is possible in this lifetime.” Two feet high, this astonishing album features Tibetan art of overwhelming beauty and spiritual power.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the mandala (from the Sanskrit for circle) is the depiction of an imaginary palace to be contemplated in deep meditation. To open the covers of the giant, luminous Celestial Gallery is to step inside an array of these intricate palaces, and to take a spiritual journey to the heart of Buddhism. By meditating on each symbol, and moving mentally toward its center, the viewer, a seeker of higher awareness, can encounter ever deeper levels of meaning. The folio size promotes an intense, hypnotic experience, giving readers the opportunity to explore these works of breathtaking brilliance in minute detail.

Ian A. Baker, acclaimed Tibetan scholar and author of the text in Shrestha’s first book, The Tibetan Art of Healing, provided inspiring commentary to each painting. Best-selling author Deepak Chopra introduced Celestial Gallery, and Dr. Robert Thurman, preeminent authority on Buddhism, contributed an insightful afterword.

Romio Shrestha (who earlier collaborated with Ian A. Baker on The Tibetan Art of Healing, Thames & Hudson, 1997) directs a team of Tibetan master painters.These works are represented in the permanent collections of the British Museum,Victoria and Albert Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, and Tibet House in New York. Shrestha lives in Katmandu, Nepal.

16 ¹⁄₂ x 24

64 pages

50 color illustrations